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What To Think About When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Top Considerations When Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular renovation projects across the country. So if you’re dreaming of turning a cramped, dated, or drab kitchen into a dream kitchen, you’re not alone. There’s a lot to consider when undertaking a kitchen renovation project, so it’s important to have a plan.

Below, we’ve listed some of the top considerations when planning a medium-to-large-scale kitchen renovation project. 

#1: Disruption to Daily Life

If you are occupying your home during the kitchen renovation, you need to plan for a disruption in mealtimes. Depending on the extent of the remodel, you may not have access to your kitchen at all during some or most of the renovation process. 

Will you do a lot of takeout? Will you eat out? Where will you relocate the fridge?  Where will pantry items be stored? If space allows, consider setting up a temporary location for cooking easy meals in a toaster oven, heating food in the microwave, and making sandwiches for school lunches.  

#2: Layout

If the current layout works for you, you’ll likely be able to save some costs by keeping the existing layout. If the layout is inadequate, now is the time to seek your dream kitchen design.  

Do you need a good working triangle? An extra prep sink? An island? Is there a wall separating you from being a part of gatherings in adjacent rooms? 

Perhaps you hope to add a mudroom or expand the size of your kitchen. This would involve a bump-out or home addition, which is more extensive than the average kitchen remodel. An experienced home remodeling expert will help ensure the addition fits well with your home’s overall aesthetic. 

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#3: Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets set the tone, mood, and feel of your kitchen. Decide if you’re keeping the original cabinets (if they’re in good shape) but painting or refacing them. Or do you want to opt for all-new custom cabinetry? 

You’ll need to choose the style of cabinet doors, hardware, finishes, cabinet and drawer features, and much more. Do you want all-white cabinets or the earthy tone of wood? Once you make a decision on cabinets, you can coordinate the color and tone of the other materials for your kitchen remodel.

#4: Countertops

Replacing kitchen countertops is a great way to update any kitchen. Some durable and high-end options include:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Marble

Do your research on the pros and cons of each material, and plan to visit one or more showrooms to select the color and variegation.

#5: Backsplash

Most kitchen renovation projects include installing a backsplash at the same time as new countertops are installed. A tile backsplash is easy to clean and adds color and character to your kitchen. Choose colors and tiles that will coordinate with your overall color scheme.

#6: Lighting

A well-lit kitchen makes meal preparation easy and also showcases your kitchen. If the only lighting you have had is a large overhead fluorescent kitchen light fixture, you’re in for a treat. Lighting upgrades should most definitely be a consideration. Some of your options include:

  • Pendant lighting over a kitchen island
  • Recessed lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Track lighting 
  • Sconces

The style and layout of your kitchen will help determine what light fixtures will work best.

#7: Flooring

Upgrading your flooring during a kitchen remodel is a must-have if you have an older home with asbestos tile flooring. An experienced contractor can safely remove the asbestos flooring and make way for your new flooring selection. 

If you already have ceramic tile flooring, stone flooring, or engineered hardwood flooring in your kitchen, you may not need to replace it as long as it is in great condition and fits your overall color scheme.

#8: Paint Colors

The paint colors you choose for your kitchen walls and trim don’t have to be neutral, despite what some realtors will tell you. Choose colors that speak to you. These colors can be pulled from a favorite work of art, your dishes, or anything else that inspires you.

If you have a small kitchen, consider lighter, brighter colors to make the space look bigger. For larger kitchens, consider an accent wall if you’re not ready to go bold on all four walls. A consultation with an interior designer can help you make these decisions.

#9: Appliances

Unless you already have new appliances, when you upgrade your kitchen during the renovation process, you may want to upgrade your appliances at the same time. Appliances are an integral part of your kitchen layout, so keep that in mind

Stainless steel appliances are still a popular choice. Perhaps you want a larger, high-end gas stove – don’t forget the matching range hood. Maybe you want to add a wine cooler under a kitchen counter. There are many appliance packages available.

#10: Budget 

Now that we’ve discussed layouts, finishes, and the like, it’s time to talk budget. Kitchen renovation costs vary widely depending on the size and scope of the renovation; is an addition involved? Are walls coming down? What level of finishes are you considering? 

These decisions and a multitude of others will drive the budget. A good design/build contractor can help you determine the budget you will need to accomplish your vision. 

If you are working within a predetermined budget, a good contractor can help guide you through the design and selection process to help you stay within your budget. For funding, consider getting a home equity loan, a HELOC (home improvement line of credit), or some other form of financing to make a large-scale project possible. 

#11: Partnering with the Right Kitchen Renovation  Contractors

Perhaps this consideration should be higher up on the list. Partnering with the right kitchen renovation contractor will make the decisions on everything from layout to lighting to paint colors easier. The more complex your kitchen renovation is, the more important it is to find a contractor you can trust to do the job right and deliver stunning results.

Before making that first call to a potential contractor, check out the company’s website to see if they do the sort of high-end kitchen remodeling you have in mind. Look through their portfolios. 

Do they inspire you? Dig a little deeper; how long has the company been in business? Are they local to your community? Check them out on social media; what are your neighbors saying about the company? Do they have solid Google reviews from past clients? 

Now that you’ve researched your potential contractor, make that call and set up your consultation appointment. Share your vision. Have an open conversation about your concerns.  Is the contractor listening? Is this someone with whom you can partner for your project? Excellent communication is vital to ensuring you get the kitchen of your dreams. 

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