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Start Planning Your 2024 Family Dream Home

Ready to turn your current home into your family dream home? 

You may be struggling with cramped spaces, a dysfunctional layout, walls that impede sightlines to your children, or a myriad of other issues.

Unfortunately, the current housing market means buying your dream home is much more difficult.

But with proper planning, you could transform your current home into your dream home.

What are interest rates for homes in MA?

As of January 2024, interest rates in MA are 5.62% for a 30-year fixed mortgage and 6.77% for a 15-year fixed mortgage.

Mortgage interest rates for homes in MA and nationally are much higher today than in recent years and are now more closely aligned with historical norms.

These higher interest rates for homes in MA could cut into what you can afford when purchasing your dream home.

Norfolk County MA Housing Market

According to Zillow, the average Norfolk County home value is $686,746, up 5.0% over the past year.

Listed homes don’t stay on the market long—they go to pending in around eight days.  

Zillow expects home values to continue to rise over the next year. 

Given these statistics, it may make more sense to remodel your home rather than buy in this market. 

Is it worth it to remodel your house?

For many families, the answer is a resounding YES!

Is your current mortgage interest rate significantly lower than today’s available mortgage interest rates? 

Do you love your neighborhood but not your home? Now is the ideal time to consider a renovation.  

The current housing market in MA is largely a seller’s market with inventory remaining low. These conditions make it more expensive to buy your ideal home. 

With mortgage rates in MA today hovering around 7.5%, it can be far more cost-effective to remain in your current home and renovate it to transform it into the home your family has always wanted. .

How to Start Planning Your Remodel

Your dream home improvements start with a simple list of items that would need to be changed in your current home to make the space function more ideally for your family.  

Does the dream include walls coming down to create an open floor plan?  

Is a spa-inspired bathroom retreat full of luxurious finishes part of your dream?  

Perhaps your idea of a family dream home includes a light-filled chef’s kitchen as the heart of your home.

Many of the remodeling projects you may be considering to bring your dream to life boast a high rate of return on your investment.  

Kitchen and bathroom renovation are known for high ROI and can net you a higher price should you decide to sell.

How will a remodel blend with the rest of the house?

Proper planning allows your home improvements to seamlessly blend with the rest of the house.  

Working with an experienced, reputable home improvement contractor as early as possible is important. 

You’ll need the right partner to bring your ideas to life.

A good design-build contractor will have excellent resources for everything from architectural and design needs to custom cabinet makers to flooring. 

Your contractor will coordinate all the moving parts, leaving you free to concentrate on selecting the products and finishes that will complete your vision.

What are the best home remodeling and renovation ideas?

The best remodeling ideas suit your life and how you want to live in your home.  

Take some time to consider what currently works for you in your home and what doesn’t.

Crafting Your Dream Kitchen

Many modern homes center around creating the ideal kitchen.  

This often includes an open floor plan with sightlines to the living and eating areas, which may require the removal of one or more walls.  

Consider choosing classic cabinet styles and colors when designing your dream home kitchen to create a timeless look.

You can add drama with a tile backsplash or custom cabinet pulls.

Creating Your Dream Bathroom

Do your ideas include a spa-like bathroom retreat? 

If so, consider finishes that include creature comforts, such as multiple shower heads, a deep soaking tub, heated floors, and adjustable lighting levels.

Designing Your Dream Home Addition

Dream home projects often focus on home additions.  

A home addition is ideal if you love your neighborhood but not your house.

Provided there is enough space on your existing property for an addition to your home, a good design-build contractor can help plan, design, and build an addition.

They can seamlessly coordinate with your current home and deliver your desired improvements.

ROI for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The return on investment for kitchen and bathroom renovations is typically quite strong in MA.  

If you are renovating to create a family dream home where you’ll live for years to come, ROI may not be your primary focus.  

However, if you’re renovating to maximize the profits on the future sale of your home, ROI is an important consideration.  

An experienced, reputable local realtor will be an excellent resource for your home sales goals.

How can I find a qualified contractor for my home remodeling project?

Finding an experienced home improvement contractor for your family dream home renovation is essential. 

Your contractor should be a local company with a solid reputation in the community. 

You’ll need a trustworthy partner who excels at listening and communicating.  

Check out your community’s social media pages.  

Ask neighbors, friends, and family who have recently renovated their homes about their experiences. 

If you want to learn more about RWC, we’re a local home improvement contractor.

We’ve been based in Norwood for over thirty years and have a solid reputation for great work, excellent communication, and delivering on-time, on-budget projects.  

Schedule a call today to start transforming your home into a remarkable dream home you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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